Manifesting Receipter



SR210 Manifesting Depository Receipter


The weatherproof Depository Receipter mounts next to an existing depository bin. A bank customer enters an access code to activate the unit. The customer is then directed by the Receipter display screen to enter their deposit information such as the bag number, amount and any other information required by the bank. A built-in barcode reader on the Receipter can also “read” the bag number, instead of the merchant entering the number manually. When the customer then drops their deposit into the depository, a sensor inside the depository “sees” the deposit falling and the Receipter prints a provisional receipt showing the depository location, exact time and date of the deposit, and the deposit information provided by the customer. The entire procedure takes less than one minute.When the deposits are collected from the depository (by either armored carrier or bank employee), a special code is entered to have the Receipter print a manifest of those deposits. The deposit manifest shows the depository location, the exact time and date the deposits were removed, the status of the paper roll in the Receipter and the details of every deposit made during the deposit period. An optional modem feature enables the Receipter to send the deposit information electronically to the processing site.

Printed Provisional Receipts and a Deposit Manifest

The Key to Saving Time and Money and Eliminating Risk

Eliminate the cost of mailing out receipts.

It costs over $1.00 per deposit (including labor, envelope, postage, etc.) to mail a receipt to your merchant customer that uses a remote site. The Receipter provides the receipt, so only the occasional “correction notice” must be mailed. With an average of over 100 deposits per day at a typical mall site, the savings of $500 per week pays for the Receipter in three months! After that, the savings is about $25,000 per year per site.

Reduce retrieval expenses.

The Manifesting Receipter completely eliminates the time-consuming task of individually manifesting each deposit. The Receipter automatically lists the total deposit bag count and each deposit bag number. Actual deposit count can be quickly compared to the printed deposit manifest for confirmation if necessary. Note: If the SafePak Deposit Retrieval System (see product sheet) is installed in the night depository, counting deposits is not required at all. Deposits are secured inside the SafePak bag from the time they are received until they arrive at the processing site…and the entire deposit retrieval procedure can be done under single-custody for substantial savings to the bank and armored carrier.

Eliminate missing deposit problems.

With a printed manifest of all deposits, armored carriers are responsible for every listed item. ”Missing” deposit problems disappear and costly investigations are eliminated.

Eliminate “false claims”.

Customers who claim that a deposit was made at a depository (when it was not) must have a valid provisional receipt (which can be compared to the printed deposit manifest) to support their claim. Also, if deposits and the manifest are ever stolen, the customer’s provisional receipt will limit the number of customer claims. Note: The Receipter retains all deposit data of the last 1000 deposits made…just in case a manifest is lost and the data is needed from the Receipter again at a later time.

Increase depository use and reduce teller lines.

Few merchant customers enjoy standing in line at the teller station while thousands of dollars are counted…yet they still will not use the after-hours depository because it does not provide a receipt for their deposit. Using the teller to count daily merchant deposits only causes teller lines and waiting times to get longer, frustrating other customers and reducing the bank’s efficiency. The SafePak Receipter retrofits to any existing after-hours depository, encouraging customers to avoid the teller line. This allows the bank to process customer deposits at a more convenient time…increasing efficiency.

4-Hour backup battery and 6000 receipts paper roll.

Even if the power goes out at the depository site, every SafePak Manifesting Depository Receipter has a built-in backup battery to provide deposit receipts for up to 4 hours.  Large 2000’ thermal paper rolls provide 6000 or more receipts before the paper needs to be replenished.

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