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Electronic Key Control

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Prevent lost keys and reduce labor costs with electronic key management. SafePak offers industry proven electronic key dispensers and storage cabinets for key control, asset tracking, tool storage, and data logging. Administrators always know the user, time, and duration of all key usage, 24/7: Keys tags can be equipped with high tech RFID chips for real time activity logs. Review and share these audit trails at the click of a button. Remote-access allows administrators to reserve keys by time and/or user from their PC or mobile device. The smart and secure solution for Facilities, Hospitality, Property, Corrections, Fleet Management and more.

Electronic Locker Management System 

Remote-access and electronic reporting make The Electronic Key Control Cabinet the best key control system out there.
  • Steel cabinet body
  • LED and/or touchscreen monitor interface
  • PIN code, keypad, fingerprint reader & card reader Access Control options
  • Backup battery
  • Individual electronic door lock for each key box

Electronic Key Management System

Manage and dispense up to 60 keys at all hours. The SafePak Key Dispenser’s design is simple and straightforward to ensure ease of use.
  • Automatic text and email notifications
  • Front panel secured by high security deadbolt lock
  • Real time monitoring & detailed activity log
  • Perfect for Real Estate, Hospitality and Property Management
  • Eliminate Key Control personnel expenses

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