Deposit Station

The DK2, the first Deposition Station designed just for Universities and Hospitals

Already successfully used by the University of Michigan, Beaumont Hospitals, the University of Minnesota & the University of Illinois.  Just place it anywhere, plug-in power and internet and turn it on!  It’s ready to accept deposits from all departments 24/7.

If you will have your armored carrier pick up the deposits, make sure to get the SafePak System installed, it will save you an additional 30% to 50% on your contract with them.

  • Get credit for deposits quicker
  • Never loose a deposit again
  • Avoids depositing outdated checks
  • Super convenient for faculty and staff
  • Accounting department can be notified instantly
  • Earn interest faster
  • Make easy daily deposits
  • Plug and Play

Only $7,700 for a complete system.

  • Magnetic card Reader to read university ID cards
  • Bar code reader for bag numbers
  • Printed or emailed receipts for all deposits
  • Transaction log for all deposit activity
  • Internet connectivity for real-time accounting access