Coin Bag Cart and Coin Bag Dolly

Heavy duty carts and dollies, equipped with swivel wheels, to easily move heavy coin bags from the teller coin counter to the processing area. Designed for De La Rue, Cummins, and most other brands of coin sorters.

CBC5 – $395.00

The CBC5 Coin Bag Cart is 16 inches wide by 24 inches long, with a 30 inch tall grip. Strong metal walls and bottom, will support up to 500 lbs of coins. The bottom is sloped from the open side to the back wall to stabilize coin bags. The front lip of the open side is 5 inches from the floor, to allow the coin bags to slide easily from the coin counter onto the cart. Heavy duty swivel wheels allow easy turning and close positioning to the coin counter.

CBD1- $165.00

The CBD1 Coin Bag Dolly is 9.5 inches wide by 12 inches long by 8 inches tall, with a strong nylon tether to easily move heavy coin bags. Built with unbreakable .25″ thick ABS polymer walls and bottom, this dolly will hold up to 200 lbs of coins. These dollies fit inside the CT Coin Money Handling Machine. Empty coin bags are placed inside the dolly before filling with coins. Two dollies per machine. An optional custom ramp is available at $65.00, to roll the dolly from the coin machine to the floor.