The Cashbar increases ATM security by preventing unauthorized access to the cash cassettes. Maintenance, deposit pulling and cash replenishment can be outsourced to separate vendors for cost reductions and efficiency. Deposits are pulled every day, cash replenished every week and maintenance when needed. The Cashbar ensures that only those doing the CASH REPLENISHMENT have access to the CASH.

How the SafePak Cashbar Works

The steel Cashbar is permanently mounted inside the ATM directly in front of the cash cassettes. Each steel Cashbar is locked with a high-security deadbolt– physically blocking access to the cash cassettes. When unlocked, the Cashbar swings aside for access to the cassettes. SafePak Cashbars are made for all models of ATMs, cash dispensers and check cashing machines, including NCR, Diebold, Fujitsu,Triton, and Tranax.

Employees do not need to baby-sit the ATM

During times of maintenance, let your valuable employees satisfy customer needs, while the Cashbar protects your cash. Improve bank productivity.

Improve ATM Security and Eliminate Loss

-Cash is secure during deposit pulling

-Cash is secure during all maintenance

-Cash responsibility is isolated to the cash replenishment team.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Available with electronic or standard key lock.
  • Eliminates dual-custody for daily deposit retrieval and isolates cash replenishment responsibility from all other servicing tasks .
  • Prevents theft by bank employees and third-party servicers.
  • Prevents or delays forced entry to cash cassettes.
  • Retro-fit existing ATMs.